HighStreet is a boutique commerce innovation firm for retail, CPG and food service. Our focus is simple: Help businesses move at the speed of customers in an omnichannel world.

How to Work With HighStreet

Uncover unique market opportunities: Monitor trends. Understand your brand’s magic. Dig deeper and think differently than the competition. Our approach to research, ideation and innovation enables us to clearly identify the intersection where your brand is able to capture the magic of an underserved market and exploit it to gain unfair marketshare.

Services:  Product Line Extensions, New Business Models, Disruptive Tech Innovations

Capture maximum share of wallet: Know customer behaviors. Measure everything. Test and iterate. Our approach to testing, deploying and maximizing transactions enables us to craft best practices that amplify your success on multiple levels.

Services: Learning Labs, Test Stores, In-venue Measurement, Transaction Assessments

Grow Brand Adoration: Understand customer motivations. Focus on behaviors and emotions.  Anticipate and remove barriers. Our approach to customer retention, loyalty and top-line growth enables us to craft a predictive model that will minimize customer churn and maximize NPS.

Services: Customer Experience/Customer Excellence Optimization, Key Customer Modeling, Operations Streamlining, Updated Brand Strategy and Architecture

Compete in a World of Digital Disruption: Understand employee value. Understand technology value. Understand human behavior. Our approach to employee relations, operational optimization and change management enables us to help your team execute innovation strategies and embrace market disruption.

Services: Employee Retention Strategies, Teambuilding, Change Management, Superior Customer Service/Customer Excellence, Contact/Call Center Optimization