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Living Retail Lab Sprint Results in +25.6% Sales Lift

HighStreet Collective’s Living Retail Lab™ demonstrated how different types of content, when displayed on digital menu boards, motivated purchase behaviors  Unrealized Dormant Revenue (UDR) is tabbed as “Retail’s Next Important Metric” Results of the Living Retail Lab’s first experiment now available on an interactive website Technology suppliers and brands are encouraged to join the wait…

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HighStreet Launches Living Retail Lab with One Goal: 
Breathe New Life into a Struggling Industry

HighStreet Collective launches Living Retail Lab™ inside of Citizen Supply, a maker’s market in Atlanta’s trendy Ponce City Market Real-world, tech-driven, results-focused shopping experiments will be conducted and reported back to the industry in the form of video series, white papers and conference presentations Technology suppliers and brands are encouraged to join the wait list…

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Post NRF 2019 Webinar: 6 Key Takeaways from NRF and NYC Retail

This 45-minute webinar will recap some key highlights from NRF 2019 as well as some gems we found while walking the streets of New York. You’ll get a sneak peek of HighStreet’s Q1 Retail Innovation Radar Report to be released a few days after the webinar. THU, FEB 14th at 12:00 EST. SIGN UP HERE: Takeaways include:…

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HighStreet Launches Retail Innovation Radar Report

Retail Radar Q3 2018

New Retail Innovation Report Taking the Guesswork Out of Using In-Store Technology Atlanta, GA— Retail innovation group, HighStreet Collective, launched their first quarterly report that measures the top 12 technologies used in brick and mortar retail. This is not your run-of-the-mill, tech-speak-for-fellow-techies report, however. “In-store tech should no longer be measured solely on up-time and…

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Orbiting the GAFA Galaxy and the Four Superpowers

The role of digital signage in consumer-facing verticals such as retail and hospitality continues to undergo a transformation. What began as something of a curiosity and became a valued commodity has transitioned into something grander for consumer-facing businesses: An essential platform of engagement in the broader customer experience ecosystem. The upcoming Digital Signage Expo will…

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How to Break Through the Dogma and Embrace the New Retail Reality

In Store Shopping Experience

The short-sighted strategy rarely works in life. In the case of brick-and-mortar retail, the ability to look long-term may very well make the difference between surviving and not surviving. A successful long-term vision also requires a certain amount of risk. It means being assertive yet thoughtful, and signaling a sea-change  from the top down in…

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