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Customer Experience Inspiration from Retail’s 4 Ways Forward

Retail's four ways forward

Retailers are no longer in the “sell stuff” business. Just like theaters are no longer in the “show movies” business, and restaurants are no longer in the “feed people” business. Selling stuff, showing movies and feeding people used to be enough to draw the masses. Thanks to the advent of ultra-accessible technologies, and a constant bar-rising of customer experience expectations, businesses of all kinds are trying to figure out how to stay relevant to today’s ever-evolving consumer. Click for entire article >



Ed King

Ed is on a lifelong journey of understanding human behavior, and what better canvas to hone his skill than customer experiences. A natural storyteller, Ed approaches each retail experience challenge like telling a story — start with an inviting physical environment, engage the shopper’s secret hidden desires and overcome the shopper’s challenge with an emotion-focused solution.