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On-Demand Webinar: Automagical Experiences: How to Choose the Right In-Store Technology While Not Sacrificing the Human Experience

Gentle Monster Robot

People always have, and always will, crave love, beauty, ease, wonder and the power of connection. In this webinar, viewers will learn what it takes to light up the shopper brain by integrating digital into their stores, creating an engaging, memorable experience shoppers crave.

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Laura Davis-Taylor

Laura was literally born into retail. Wandering malls serving as the eyes of her blind, fashion-addicted mom, she cultivated a sixth sense for understanding what makes a great store experience. Twenty years later, she’s been a brand planner, internet maven, store design strategist, innovation instigator and she even 'wrote the book' on in-store digital media. She thrives when in a hive of activity, so don’t be surprised when she’s talking about 5 things at once. Don’t worry, it will make sense the end—just fasten your seatbelt!