Shopping Picture

For us, it was a necessity. We love retail. We love the pressure that Amazon has put on it, as it’s forced an old industry to have to think different and break long, closely-held dogma. What we don’t love, however, is that many retailers have chosen paralysis over evolution. Stores are in trouble, but there’s still a window to make a difference.  

Three things have made us realize that now’s the time to harness our passion and form a best-of-breed collective of partner resources:

  1. Time is of the essence as every day, more and more retailers are closing their doors
  2. The industry is now overpopulated with vendors, choices, pitches and snake oil promises
  3. There are too few case studies that prove success

Someone has to help, but that help must be holistic, honorable and equally focused on people and profits. This is the role we humbly wish to serve.