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HighStreet Launches Living Retail Lab with One Goal: 
Breathe New Life into a Struggling Industry

  • HighStreet Collective launches Living Retail Lab™ inside of Citizen Supply, a maker’s market in Atlanta’s trendy Ponce City Market
  • Real-world, tech-driven, results-focused shopping experiments will be conducted and reported back to the industry in the form of video series, white papers and conference presentations
  • Technology suppliers and brands are encouraged to join the wait list to get involved

Atlanta, GA — HighStreet Collective, a ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ retail innovation consultancy, has launched the Living Retail Lab™, a one-of-a-kind project inside of Ponce City Market in Atlanta.

As brick and mortar stores continue to shutter and outdated malls turn to dust, a new retail reality is coming into focus. Digitally-enabled shoppers expect the convenience of technology to work seamlessly with physical, sensory-driven experiences inside stores.

“One thing the retail industry has been begging for, but unable to supply, are real-world innovation case studies with real numbers,” says HighStreet Co-Founder and visionary of the Living Retail Lab™, Laura Davis-Taylor. “Our project will showcase different retail technologies in a real environment with real shoppers—with a sharp focus on HighStreet’s CX design and solutions that can be successfully utilized today. We will document everything from strategy to solution to agile adjustments and report real results.”

HighStreet, along with an enlightened group of industry innovators and solution providers, secured the perfect venue in Ponce City Market, and the perfect store in Citizen Supply.

Citizen Supply is a 20,000 square foot ‘maker’s market’ founded by Phil Sanders, who came from outside the retail industry.

“We’ve always viewed Citizen Supply as one big experiment, so the Living Retail Lab™ concept that HighStreet brought to us seemed like a no-brainer,” says Sanders. He continues, “I’m a big believer in enhancing our customer’s experience. Anything that can help us deliver a better environment and understand more about our customers, I’m for!” 

An AdAge article from June 2017 titled, ‘Retail Labs are Toast’ highlights the primary problem with supposed ‘labs.’ 

“From a shopper behavior perspective, the minute you take someone out of the natural shopping habitat and into an unnatural lab environment, you lose, because the results will be skewed. The Living Retail Lab™ is designed for real shoppers in a real store, spending real money. You don’t get any more ‘real’ than that,” says Ed King, HighStreet’s other Co-Founding partner.

For more information, or to become a technology sponsor, visit or contact Laura Davis-Taylor directly at [email protected]

About HighStreet Collective
HighStreet Collective are retail experience designers for the demands of 21st century shoppers and the speed needs of 21st century retailers, brands and suppliers. As “consultant practitioners” they work with retailers and brands to help them assess their in-store experiences, craft innovation strategies for shopper needs, create unique experience signature concepts to bring the store to life, build working prototypes, and measure the impact of store experiences.

Laura Davis-Taylor

Laura was literally born into retail. Wandering malls serving as the eyes of her blind, fashion-addicted mom, she cultivated a sixth sense for understanding what makes a great store experience. Twenty years later, she’s been a brand planner, internet maven, store design strategist, innovation instigator and she even 'wrote the book' on in-store digital media. She thrives when in a hive of activity, so don’t be surprised when she’s talking about 5 things at once. Don’t worry, it will make sense the end—just fasten your seatbelt!