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Holiday Webinar: The 4 Things Shoppers Really Want from In-Store Tech This Holiday Season


Retail innovation group, HighStreet Collective, will host a live webinar at 12:00 Noon EST November 8th, 2018 providing viewers with a sneak peek of their Holiday edition of the Q4 Retail Innovation Radar report.

Titled The 4 Things Shoppers ReallyWant from In-Store Tech This Holiday Season, the free 45-minute webinar will translate cumbersome ‘tech talk’ into human, real-world language so you can better understand which in-store technologies to invest in, and which ones shoppers aren’t quite ready to embrace this Holiday season.

“Shoppers’ digital expectations are rising quickly, and this Holiday season shoppers are going to demand more from retailers than ever before,” says Ed King, co-founder and shopper behavior expert at HighStreet. “The real question is how retailers can take the best of tech and the best of human interaction and deliver a friction-lessening and delight-inducing retail experience.”

The webinar will provide over a dozen real-world examples, and dive deep into four areas that are of critical importance to shoppers (and retailers) particularly this Holiday season. The 19-page report, to be published immediately after the webinar, will expand on eight other areas, and will rate shoppers’ technology expectations inside the store using an easy-to-understand 1-10 scale.

Sanjay Gidwani, former retail CEO, and Holiday shopping expert will be a special webinar guest. “As a fellow retailer, I understand the immense Holiday pressures that retailers are under,” says Gidwani. “It’s a critical time for retailers to attract, delight and deliver great experiences. The examples and information in the webinar will provide an excellent road map for attendees.”

Readers can sign up for the webinar here: and can download the report for free and sign up for future reports at

Ed King

Ed is on a lifelong journey of understanding human behavior, and what better canvas to hone his skill than customer experiences. A natural storyteller, Ed approaches each retail experience challenge like telling a story — start with an inviting physical environment, engage the shopper’s secret hidden desires and overcome the shopper’s challenge with an emotion-focused solution.