Only the best candidates. Personally vetted. Guaranteed.

Talent on Tap for Retail, CPG and the Place-Based Space

The reason top-notch talent is hard to find is because they aren't looking — but that doesn't mean they’re not accessible.

When It comes to finding the best talent, it's not just what you's who you know. And HighStreet happens to know the all-stars in the retail / CPG / place-based CX, digital, design, account leadership and analytics disciplines.

Over the past 20+ years, we've worked with, personally validated and have maintained relationships with the best 5% of talent in our industry. We are now offering access to our Little Black Book of all-stars.

If you need top-notch full-time talent, project-based expertise or simply need some savant-level insights about an elusive prospect or project challenge, our Little Black Book is your secret weapon.

Our Collective is a dream team of people ranges across the following disciplines: strategy, CX, UX, creative, branding, store design, place-based digital, account leadership, measurement/analytics and transformation. These are your future Directors, VPs, SVPs, Partners, and CXOs.

We've also collected big brand, retail and academia insiders that may wish to stay masked to the public but are often times open to sidebar stints.

Candidate Levels

  1. Virtuosos (achieved 10,000 hours of skill mastery) SVP, C-Level
  2. Elite Performers (under-appreciated, ready to step into leadership) Director, VP
  3. Rising Stars (hungry, talented and quickly outgrowing current role) Specialist, Manager

How it works

There are 3 options to access our talent:

  1. Full-Time: If you hire one of our candidates, you pay us 5% of their annual salary. At their 90th day, you pay us 10% of their annual salary.That's it. If they don't work out inside 90 days, we will do our best to replace them.
  2. Freelance/Contract: If you need interim or project-based help, we’ll get you the perfect people at an appropriate hourly rate and manage all of paperwork and logistics. Our fee is built into the hourly rate.
  3. Expert On-Call: If you just need a little time with the SME of your dreams, contact us and we’ll make it happen for a one-time consultation fee.

“I'd rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person..”

- Jeff Bezos

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