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Orbiting the GAFA Galaxy and the Four Superpowers


The role of digital signage in consumer-facing verticals such as retail and hospitality continues to undergo a transformation. What began as something of a curiosity and became a valued commodity has transitioned into something grander for consumer-facing businesses: An essential platform of engagement in the broader customer experience ecosystem.

The upcoming Digital Signage Expo will be filled with educational conferences and powerful exhibits that align with these trends. The all-day Digital Experience (DX) Forum taking place Tuesday, March 27 is just one example of the former, with a full lineup of presenters and panelists that understand how to create unique value and drive new business opportunities with digital media.

Stephane Nasser of Fabernovel understands this all too well. As Strategy and Development Manager for the global innovation agency – Fabernovel has six worldwide offices across the Silicon Valley (USA), Paris, and Singapore among other regions – Stephane is in the digital trenches on daily basis, empowering companies to embrace disruption and drive business growth through digital transformation.

Stephane will bring his vision for digital transformation to an engaging, early morning panel moderated by HighStreet Collective Co-Founder Laura Davis-Taylor. The panel, Orbiting GAFA’s Galaxy: Get Smart or Get Left Behind, will explore how digital giants like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are quickly changing culture, habits and business – and how to bring the best of what they do into the physical world.

“These behemoth companies all have something in common, and that’s the ability to aggregate user value, embrace agility, and convert that into something very profitable,” said Nasser. “This is clearly something that retailers and other consumer-facing businesses can and need to do better.”

Stephane points to what he calls “the four superpowers” as a means of helping physical businesses reach a new and exciting plateau, all of which is driven through different elements of the customer experience.

  • The Magnet Enterprise, which is the ability to detect, organize and animate very small units of value, that, when brought together into a common platform, deliver exceptionally high value
  • The Infinite Enterprise, which leverages network effects and zero marginal costs to infinitely scale software and services, with minimal bottom line impact
  • The Real-Time Enterprise, which fosters growth through effective monitoring and data aggregation strategies to adjust pricing, scale supply and better allocate resources
  • The Intimate Enterprise, which amplifies targeting and customization strategies to create intimate and long-lasting customer relationships

“The Intimate Enterprise approach is of particular interest when it comes to a digital  signage strategy,” said Nasser. “If you think of a traditional retail experience, everyone sees the same product as they walk the aisle. Alternatively, Amazon shows you what you are interested in, which drives deeper engagement. Using digital in a physical space to more effectively target shoppers and customize the experience is a something that digital signage has the capability to do, but as an industry has not really moved beyond scratching the surface.”

Laura and Stephane will also discuss how these GAFA businesses have been to grow aggressively, and the philosophies that traditional consumer-facing companies can adapt to their own businesses to achieve similar heights.

“Traditional retailers have to drag the weight of their own legacy and infrastructure,” said Nasser. “However, that same physical infrastructure allows them to collect real-life customer data, and deliver real-life experiences. These are the natural competitive advantage that they are gradually learning to leverage.”

With this all top of mind, Stephane believes that physical businesses can interact with customers in a much more intimate way then digital-only business can.

“It is critical for these businesses to be thinking in a different way,” he said. “It’s not about digital, and it’s not about physical anymore. It’s a comprehensive experience that can start on a consumer’s mobile device or laptop, or on the streets. It’s about operating freely across all of these dimensions, and making sure your business is taking advantage of all the tools available – and leverage the four superpowers – to establish a true growth advantage.”

This year’s Digital Experience Forum, produced and moderated by the expert practitioners at HighStreet Collective, takes place March 27 from 8am-5pm at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Room S225). The complete schedule and registration information can be viewed at

Brian Galante