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Q1 Retail Innovation Radar Report Drops with Important Message from the Editor

Q1 2019 Retail Innovation Radar Report:6 Key Takeaways from NRF and NYC Retail “…time is running out, and if you don’t want 2019 to witness your business’ reckoning day, you best kick-start your innovation efforts. Right now.” — Ed King, Editor In addition to the FREE downloadable PDF, you’ll also be able to view our 45-minute webinar…


The Vision Of Retail 2020: On-Track Or Off-The-Tracks?

It’s nearly here folks! We’re spiraling towards 2020, where the rubber meets the road on whether our many prolific pontifications of the retail future reside. Walking both the floor at NRF and the city stores of New York, it was hard not to look at our industry through this lens. After all, 2020 was to…


Podcast: Essential Strategies and Technologies That Will Shape Retail in 2019

In this episode of The PERCH Experience industry leaders:  Moderated by Piers Fawkes, CEO of PSFK and founder of New York Retail Innovation Week. Ed King Co-Founder, Customer Experience Strategy for HighStreet. Shannan Coghill, Global Experience Director for Michael Kors. Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive. Breakdown the essential strategies and technologies that will shape…


Post NRF 2019 Webinar: 6 Key Takeaways from NRF and NYC Retail

This 45-minute webinar will recap some key highlights from NRF 2019 as well as some gems we found while walking the streets of New York. You’ll get a sneak peek of HighStreet’s Q1 Retail Innovation Radar Report to be released a few days after the webinar. THU, FEB 14th at 12:00 EST. SIGN UP HERE: Takeaways include:…


Q4 Holiday Edition of the Retail Innovation Radar Report Released + Bonus Webinar

As retailers look to lure and wow shoppers this Holiday season, there are a handful of expectations that shoppers bring with them: Giving you my money should be easy Make my visit worth the drive Only show products for me I still want human contact In this issue of the Retail Innovation Radar Report™, you’ll…


Holiday Webinar: The 4 Things Shoppers Really Want from In-Store Tech This Holiday Season

Retail innovation group, HighStreet Collective, will host a live webinar at 12:00 Noon EST November 8th, 2018 providing viewers with a sneak peek of their Holiday edition of the Q4 Retail Innovation Radar report. Titled The 4 Things Shoppers ReallyWant from In-Store Tech This Holiday Season, the free 45-minute webinar will translate cumbersome ‘tech talk’…

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Retail Radar Q3 2018

HighStreet Launches Retail Innovation Radar Report

New Retail Innovation Report Taking the Guesswork Out of Using In-Store Technology Atlanta, GA— Retail innovation group, HighStreet Collective, launched their first quarterly report that measures the top 12 technologies used in brick and mortar retail. This is not your run-of-the-mill, tech-speak-for-fellow-techies report, however. “In-store tech should no longer be measured solely on up-time and…


Video: The NanoLumens Summerfest ‘Story Telling Through Technology’ Panel

Here’s the on-camera interview we did with James Keppel (in the centre of the below video) and Ed King (camera right in the below video) at the NanoLumens Summerfest, held coincidentally during #InfoComm18. Ed King is Co-Founder, HighStreet, A Retail Experience Collective and a well-known and well-respected retail guru. Ed told us “I’m on the…


Forbes: Retailers Told To Forget Social Media. Experts Take Issue.

“There are SO many factors that make this blanket statement irrelevant to many,” wrote Laura Davis-Taylor, co-founder of HighStreet Collective. “Certain categories — like beauty and fashion — are killing it via social media channels.” See the entire Forbes article here.