Q4 Holiday Edition of the Retail Innovation Radar Report Released + Bonus Webinar

As retailers look to lure and wow shoppers this Holiday season, there are a handful of expectations that shoppers bring with them: Giving you my money should be easy Make my visit worth the drive Only show products for me I still want human contact In this issue of the Retail Innovation Radar Report™, you’ll…


Holiday Webinar: The 4 Things Shoppers Really Want from In-Store Tech This Holiday Season

Retail innovation group, HighStreet Collective, will host a live webinar at 12:00 Noon EST November 8th, 2018 providing viewers with a sneak peek of their Holiday edition of the Q4 Retail Innovation Radar report. Titled The 4 Things Shoppers ReallyWant from In-Store Tech This Holiday Season, the free 45-minute webinar will translate cumbersome ‘tech talk’…

Retail Wire Facebook Live

Laura Goes Live on Retail Wire Facebook

Retail Radar Q3 2018

HighStreet Launches Retail Innovation Radar Report

New Retail Innovation Report Taking the Guesswork Out of Using In-Store Technology Atlanta, GA— Retail innovation group, HighStreet Collective, launched their first quarterly report that measures the top 12 technologies used in brick and mortar retail. This is not your run-of-the-mill, tech-speak-for-fellow-techies report, however. “In-store tech should no longer be measured solely on up-time and…


Video: The NanoLumens Summerfest ‘Story Telling Through Technology’ Panel

Here’s the on-camera interview we did with James Keppel (in the centre of the below video) and Ed King (camera right in the below video) at the NanoLumens Summerfest, held coincidentally during #InfoComm18. Ed King is Co-Founder, HighStreet, A Retail Experience Collective and a well-known and well-respected retail guru. Ed told us “I’m on the…


Forbes: Retailers Told To Forget Social Media. Experts Take Issue.

“There are SO many factors that make this blanket statement irrelevant to many,” wrote Laura Davis-Taylor, co-founder of HighStreet Collective. “Certain categories — like beauty and fashion — are killing it via social media channels.” See the entire Forbes article here.


Extracting Interaction From Digital Signage

According to research firm Markets and Markets, the digital out-of-home market will be worth $26.21 billion by 2023. Retail and hospitality are the main players in this commercial vertical, and the firm predicts that North America will dominate this market due to its early adoption of the latest display technology. Laura and Ed discuss how…


Podcast by Laura Davis-Taylor: Hacking the Customer Experience (Aptos)

Laura Davis-Taylor, Co-founder and Principal Consultant of The HighStreet Collective, discusses how digital strategy, emotional currency and internal alignment will light your path to optimized CX. Laura references real examples from her 20 years of designing and consulting on retail experiences for some of the world’s most cutting-edge and successful retailers and brands.  

RIC18_Day_HighStreet session 2

Video of Shopper Brain, Habits and Behaviors Presentation from Retail Innovation Conference

Ed King and Laura Davis-Taylor of HighStreet Collective and Joe’ Lloyd of Nanolumens dive into six new expectations shoppers bring with them to the store; why resolving friction isn’t enough to keep customers coming back; and how in-store technologies can help bridge the gap to satisfying and delighting online-addicted shoppers.  


Orbiting the GAFA Galaxy and the Four Superpowers

The role of digital signage in consumer-facing verticals such as retail and hospitality continues to undergo a transformation. What began as something of a curiosity and became a valued commodity has transitioned into something grander for consumer-facing businesses: An essential platform of engagement in the broader customer experience ecosystem. The upcoming Digital Signage Expo will…