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Listen: Revolutionizing the Customer Retail Experience with Ed King and James Yancey

From MarketScale’s retail strategy podcast… On today’s podcast, we get to chat with Ed King from HighStreet Collective and James Yancey from Cloudtags. We discuss the radical redefinition of the retailer/customer relationship, the way that this changes the design aspect, and how customer input can now inform the retail experience for both sides of the…


Can The Toys ‘R’ Us Troubles Teach Valuable Lessons To Other Retailers?

Excerpt from Retail Touchpoints article featuring Laura Davis-Taylor: Some industry experts point to a store experience at Toys ‘R’ Us that wasn’t keeping up with the trend toward experiential retail. “As a shopper and the mother of a 10-year-old, I can say that visiting a Toys ‘R’ Us wasn’t fun,” said Laura Davis-Taylor, Co-Founder, HighStreet…

In Store Shopping Experience

How to Break Through the Dogma and Embrace the New Retail Reality

The short-sighted strategy rarely works in life. In the case of brick-and-mortar retail, the ability to look long-term may very well make the difference between surviving and not surviving. A successful long-term vision also requires a certain amount of risk. It means being assertive yet thoughtful, and signaling a sea-change  from the top down in…

Pivot Your Pitch to Win with Customer Experience Solutions

Pivot Your Pitch to Win with Customer Experience Solutions

The idea that “Retail isn’t dead, it needs a revival” is both affecting and true. With brick and mortar accounting for more than 90 percent of retail sales in Q4 2017, it’s clear that there is plenty of opportunity for these businesses to thrive and not just fade away. The challenges brick and mortar face…


The Emerging Engagement Toolbox for the Customer Experience

The upcoming Digital Experience (DX) Forum will be one of the more comprehensive educational experiences offered at the Digital Signage Expo this year. This is in large part due to its lineup of dynamic speakers and panels that offer insider knowledge to attendees seeking to stay on top of rapidly evolving trends and technologies for…

Retail's four ways forward

Customer Experience Inspiration from Retail’s 4 Ways Forward

Retailers are no longer in the “sell stuff” business. Just like theaters are no longer in the “show movies” business, and restaurants are no longer in the “feed people” business. Selling stuff, showing movies and feeding people used to be enough to draw the masses. Thanks to the advent of ultra-accessible technologies, and a constant…

Retail TouchPoints eBook

White Paper: 7 Retail Experts Share Their Top Tips for Reinventing the In-Store Experience

LDT excerpt: “We must start to think of our stores as a ‘3D website.’ All of those amazing data points and shopper insights are now available to discover in-store and deliver omnichannel analytics in spades. When that happens, we have one clear view of the journeys our shoppers make, and we can more contextually understand…


sixteen:nine podcast: Retail, Digital and the Dawn of a New Consultancy

In this podcast with Dave Haynes, founder of sixteen:nine, Laura talks about the challenge in retail in the age of Amazon, and how getting people in stores and prompting them to buy stuff is not solved alone by sticking in screens or other kinds of tech. If you sell to or work in retail, you’ll…

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On-Demand Webinar: Automagical Experiences: How to Choose the Right In-Store Technology While Not Sacrificing the Human Experience

People always have, and always will, crave love, beauty, ease, wonder and the power of connection. In this webinar, viewers will learn what it takes to light up the shopper brain by integrating digital into their stores, creating an engaging, memorable experience shoppers crave.

Get off the couch and into your store

On-Demand Webinar: Push-Pull: Getting consumers off the couch and into your store.

This recorded webinar with special guests Ed King and Laura Davis-Taylor, Founding Principals of The High Street Collective addresses the intentions of CX, DX and UX…