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Video: The NanoLumens Summerfest ‘Story Telling Through Technology’ Panel


Here’s the on-camera interview we did with James Keppel (in the centre of the below video) and Ed King (camera right in the below video) at the NanoLumens Summerfest, held coincidentally during #InfoComm18.

Ed King is Co-Founder, HighStreet, A Retail Experience Collective and a well-known and well-respected retail guru. Ed told us “I’m on the side of humans. I’ve become a lifelong student of their tendencies, their behaviors and their brains. I believe in the art AND science of storytelling. I believe in the power of nurturing an innovation mindset, and in truly understanding how and why human beings behave the way they do”. HighStreet’s specialties include customer experience, innovating technology, retail, shopping strategy, hospitality, mobile, digital strategy, content development, consulting, brand strategy, customer retention and customer loyalty. He and his business partner Laura Davis-Taylor are some of the best at speaking and presenting on the topic of retail and they’re regularly on our list of must-hear speakers.

Click here for the video.

Ed King

Ed is on a lifelong journey of understanding human behavior, and what better canvas to hone his skill than customer experiences. A natural storyteller, Ed approaches each retail experience challenge like telling a story — start with an inviting physical environment, engage the shopper’s secret hidden desires and overcome the shopper’s challenge with an emotion-focused solution.